28 May 2012

Taylors Falls Trip May 12, 2012

     After picking Mom up from the airport, and eating a light lunch, we headed for Taylor’s falls.    Oh… Yeah… it was Mother’s day, so we made sure to bring water bottles.  Wait.  That’s not why we brought water bottles…the reason why is because is was hot and sunny.  Any- way.  J 
There were lots of these little blue-ish purple flowers on the side of the path.  
 I kept finding little bunches of honeysuckle-ish columbine flowers on the side of the path.  Someone must’ve liked ditching them just as much as pickin’ ‘em.

(by the way, these were some I found on the side of the path bunched and ditched like all the rest, and the only reason they are so cute is because I made them pose for the picture.)
 On purpose or not?  Olivia, Elleanna, and I couldn’t figure it out either…J
Mom and Dad stopped to enjoy the view and Olivia found a funny, frizzy, and fuzzy
caterpillar.  309, 311.
     We had gone on the three mile hike (through the railroad trail) and by the time we reached town we were glad we got to Schoony’s ice-cream shop.  Mmmmmm, yummy! Yummy!         

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