03 June 2012

Apron... not finished ... yet.

The little red arch at the top says "Land 'O Lakes", so I will be covering it up with an iron on magenta flower patch.  The flowers' stems will be green (of course) and will be book names.  The flowers leaves will be the place(s) where the book is in, and the character's names will be written inside the petals.  The books are 1. (going from top right to left, to second right to left, etc.) Lord of the Rings (red), 2. Calico Captive (Yellow), 3. The Bronze Bow (Blue), 4. Little House on the Prairie (Pink), 5. Little Women (Purple), and 6. The Enchanted Castle (Red).The last picture (center, above) is the sky, and the sun will have other minor books/series that I like. (The only part of the sun that is done is the middle which is the yellow swirly gig... hehehe, and the rays will be those other books.)

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