06 September 2012

My Awesome Fair Day

     The usual day at the MN state fair is as follows. .  Rushing out the door and as soon as we're parked in the lot (most likely rooster or camel XD)  we go on one and a half blocks to the faithful Little Farm Hands (LFH). . . or should I say we go faithfully to LFH (for, for the past the past at least six years we have taken free tickets from them along with the three and a half hour volunteer hours, which end up either extremely hot, or annoyingly chilly and damp.)
      After those dragging hours we go to the 4-H Building, National Guard, Education Building, Eco-Experience- Agriculture Building- and the Fine Arts Center (along with an occasional stop by the Grandstand every year or so).  Of course we got the traditional $1 milk and the Sweet Martha's Cookies bucket.  Who would go to the fair without it?  
     I never understood how we could walk all those places!  Yes, we had fun and got lots of candy from all of those College booths who were probably thinking "If we get these kids to say 'Hey!  That College gave me free candy when I was a kid. . . They're nice.  I'll go there!'" (and we also got the cute white pines that we have in our nursery for free!) but this time. . . this time was. . . different.

     We did start out as usual... almost.  The waking at an early hour (between 5:45-6:00) and getting ready as quick as possible, and running out the door.  The difference is as follows.  We picked up Stella, Anatole, and Ambrose and then parked in the rooster lot.  We ran to LFH (I decided that we were the faithful ones, although they had their own faithfulness by always giving the morning shifts and sending us tickets on time so we get in for free XD) and were the second group there. 

     When we were done with LFH (there's nothing to tell about our three and a half hour shift).  Somehow we found ourselves right at the $1 milk booth.  Something happened, and Evan and Ambrose went in one direction while Mommy, Stella, and Anatole went in another.  All of the sudden Elleanna, Olivia, and I were all left standing at the milk booth.  Thankfully Olivia had set up her track phone, and we found out that everyone was at the 4-H building.  By the time we got there, everyone wanted lunch.  After we ate we headed to the sheep barn to see the judging of the market lambs.  We met up with Uncle Kenneth and Aunt Maki there, but did not watch the judging.  Instead we went to Heritage Square (where I bough an orange float, and a root beer float, which Olivia drank all of the root beer out of XD).  At Heritage Square we went to the band shelter and watched the MABOTMA competition because one of my good friend and followers,  Elizabeth Valine's two older brothers were in it.

     Uncle Kenneth, Aunt Maki, Stella, Elleanna, Olivia, Colette (XD), and I all went to the cattle barn.  We looked at the cows and then left.  Aunt Maki and Uncle Kenneth left with Colette to leave the fair, and us four girls were on our own again.

     Next we met up with Mommy, Anatole, Ambrose, and Evan at the back of the milk booth, and Stella and I left to get the cookies.  We ended up in the longest line ever! Literally.  People behind us in the lines on both sides of us got their cookies at least five minutes before we did!  It was worth it though.  Stella asked for the bucket to be filled as full as possible, and it was.  A whole tray plus part of another one.  :)

     After everyone was together enjoying the cookies, Mom, Stella, Elleanna, Olivia, and I all went to the international bazaar.  Stella, Elleanna, Olivia, and I went to look at asian things while Mommy went somewhere else.

                                               Here are the chopsticks I bought!  Like them?

     You'll have to ask me when I'm at my house if you want to see them for real, otherwise, I wear them in my hair, so you might see them there too!

     When we left the international bazaar, it was just us girls.  We went to the outside of the Colosseum and waited for Mom, Anatole, Evan, and Ambrose.  Stella had bought a Mountain Dew on our way there, so we shared it while taking pictures together.  Once Mom, Anatole, Evan, and Ambrose arrived we went into the sitting area (the name has slipped my mind XP)  and Mommy went and got some food for herself (She deserved it!!!).  Once settled at the Colosseum we relaxed and gained our second wind (Stella especially, because of the Mountain Dew).

     Next we went to the Midway.  I went on the Kamikaze with Stella sitting next to me, Olivia, and Anatole sitting behind me, and Evan and Ambrose sitting in front of me.  It was such a fun ride!  Don't ask me to explain it.  I might be able to get pictures from Elleanna in a bit.  I'll just say it was totally better than the roller coaster at the end of the Midway.  Yuck.  I didn't like that one.

     Stella and Elleanna were going on the new 200 foot swings or "The Stratosphere".  Anatole wanted to go on it, but he had no one to go with, and he definitely did not want to go with someone he did not know.  Thus I was bought four tickets for it.  We were in the middle of the line (which was really long since the ride was new) and we noticed that we needed six tickets.  Not just four!  Off went Stella to buy the eight extra tickets.  Thanks Stella! XD

     I'm telling you this ride was. . . really run!  I could see the Downtown Minneapolis buildings (ya know. . . The blue and black, and orange ones  :)  hehe) all the way up there!  Also you could see all the little police cars and Ambulances (not that the ambulances were needed, but they still went).

     The rest of the night was spent walking back to the van.  I guess the real fun of the day really started at the international bazaar (at least for me since I bought my chopstikies as Anatole calls them), and the horse show in the Colosseum was sort of an in between thing- ya know pick up our wits- pick up second wind time XD.

     Next year all of you can go on the Kamikaze and stratosphere if you want (or if you even go to the fair).   I would not recommend the stratosphere to those who are afraid of heights- I don't even know if any of you are. . . - and the Kamikaze is not your ride if you don't like going upside down for a few seconds.

     I hope you enjoyed my tellings of my goings as much as (or even a little) as I liked doing them!



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  1. Yay! I wish I could go to the fair. I haven't been there for YEARS, and it was a blast when I did get to go. :)

    And, yes, those chopsticks are AWESOME. :D


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