25 September 2012

Plant and Produce!

     I was in the living room with Elleanna and Olivia when Dad drove up from the city.  He came inside and said, "Guess what I bought!"  Olivia and Elleanna were studying on the couch, Mom had gone to the Grocery Store, and Evan was playing Airsoft with two friends who were staying over night.  "Hmmmm.... A Sheepy?"  said Elleanna.  "nope".  "Some Cattle?"  tried Olivia, "wrong again"  In a wild guess I said "Some more pine trees?"  Well... Close."  "We don't know, Just tell us!"  This was fun.... it doesn't sound like it... but we wanted to know what he got.
     "I stopped at a nursery and bought two more grape vines, two more blackberry bushes, a Haralson apple tree, and a cherry tree!"
    This is it.  He got two blackberry bushes, and one of them had un-ripe blackberries plus a flower.  He also got two grape vines one of which had a cluster of small, but very sweet grapes which had kinda big seeds.  The Haralson apples are hardy for winter, and good for baking.  Now the catch to the cherry tree is that it is not a sweet one, but sweeter than the regular tart (at least that's what the package says XD).  Well... there is another catch to the cherry tree.  It's name is Evan's Bali.  Dad thought it would be funny to get a tree with "Evan" in the name.  They are good trees.  Can withstand -40 F and are great for baking and jams or jelly, and as I mentioned, not too tart to eat straight from the tree.  Have fun with the pictures!
Olivia took these from our blackberry bush... They were the only ones this year... better luck next year!

And yes.  These are ours.  All ours... hehe... Daddy bought it with the cluster... we didn't exactly cheat... did we?

Daddy also bough this black berry bush.  The flowers are so cute and pretty!

Well... yeah... They are still in the pot.

These have been planted for a long time.  Yes they are in the clay soil.

One of the many pine trees in our nursery :)

APPLES!!!!!!!  They are so good.  "Yellow Delicious".  The tree was planted four years ago.

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