09 October 2012

    Katrina Wiering    
The Anne of Green Gables Study 
     October 6, 2012

The Aurora Borealis
            The Aurora’s (aurora borealis, aurora australis) occur when electrons that are highly charged from solar wind, interact with the elements in the earth’s atmosphere. The solar winds stream to earth at about 1 million miles per hour.  Once they reach their destination they follow the lines made by the magnetic force caused by the earth’s core.  Next they flow through the magnetosphere, the teardrop-shaped part of a highly charged electrical and magnetic fields.
            Once near the earth’s upper atmosphere the electrons encounter atoms of oxygen and nitrogen at altitudes from 20 to 200 miles above the earth.  What atom is struck and the altitude at the meeting is what the aurora’s color relies on.  According to How Stuff Works,
·                    “Green - oxygen, up to 150 miles in altitude
·                    Red - oxygen, above 150 miles in altitude
·                    Blue - nitrogen, up to 60 miles in altitude
·                    Purple/violet - nitrogen, above 60 miles in altitude”

The shifts and flows of the magnetic and electric forces reaction with each other are seen as the aurora’s “dance”.
The Auroras are mostly found in the Arctic and Antarctic, or other more northern areas such as Alaska.  These beautiful lights are a wonderfully designed and show God’s creativity, and greatness.

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