09 October 2012


Look at the left of the page where it says pages.  Forgive me for the weird format. . . and white spacing. . . yeah... that tells you what I did... (copy and pasting is a wonderful invention!!!)   I will have some of my favorite and my families favorite poems there.  Hope you enjoy!  (Yes, I will list whose favorite poems they are. . . So far Evan and Daddy have not given me any. . . they can't remember off the top of their head what poems they like).  Just to tell all of you readers, I am not having a random spree with poems, but really, I have to collect poems and make a book for school.  Although this is for school, I found this really cool website... If you like a certain poet, and don't know the names of their poems, you can look them up, and it will have a list of all their poems.

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