12 January 2013

The Snowflake Tea

I must mention that for school I am doing a unit study based on the
book Anne of Green Gables.  Because of the tea Anne had with Diana, I was, with the
wonderful friends of mine doing this study with me, to host a tea for younger girls.
We invited six girls.  Ages 2, 3, 5, 5, 5, and 8.  Unfortunately the two I knew (2 and one of the 5's)
got badly sick, and could not come.  There then was a three year old, who was waited upon by
her mother, who only stopped when we said she could join the other ladies and chat.

Also two five year old girls who knew each other.  Lastly, the eight year old.  She was quite,
but only really shy when saying formal hello and goodbye.
Here is the set-up, serve, and clean- up crew.  Elleanna
and Olivia were happily welcomed by Maia (second to right), Eve (right) and I.

No words needed :D

         The Table and Scones.
Cocoa needs no words either!

No matter if you are drinking tea or (in this case) hot cocoa, you
can never fail to drink elegantly with a tea cup!
Russian tea cakes (in the winter sometimes called "snowballs" by miss--informed
people) stacked a-top of each other are perfect snowmen.  With a bit
of crushed candy cane sprinkled on the plate, it is nice and festive.

No, the trees were not kept on the cake.  They are wooden.

Feeding anyone sugar makes them happy.  Yet. . . Try not to give two five year olds who know
each other
 a tea party.  This is the effect.  Them bouncing off the walls, and you, especially after
staying up till 1:00 a.m. getting ready for them, are getting sleepier and sleepier.
To occupy, so we thought, the rest of the time, we let the girls make necklaces out of bead named
quite elegantly.
We thought that the beads would be enough to take their energy, yet, we fed
them enough sugar to last. . .

The Queen on her throne!?

To take of the rest of the time (shown in the last picture as well) we played Go-Fish.

The End!

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