11 March 2013

A Winter's Walk in the Woods

Some more School, but this time, a bit more up beat!

          Snow; sparkles; shadow; light.  A bright red cardinal against a white sky.  A small grey bunny skitters across deep snow.  This is what I think a Winter's Walk in the Woods is.
          These walks are usually peaceful, unless one of your companions starts a snowball fight.  Snow falls through the trees making a blanket that muffles sound;  Although there is this quieting blanket, bird chirps are heard, and spring is in anticipation.  These sounds seem to echo in the ears of all since there are no sounds found in the city or house here.
          Winter walks in the woods are full of life, and, like I said in my last sentence, are quiet because none of the sounds of the house and city are there to bother you.  Because of the quietness, the sounds of animals in the cold weather are heart warming.
          The woods in the winter are like a new land.  It is so different that what it is like in the spring summer or fall when we usually walk in the woods.  in the spring we hear birds, travelling to their summer homes.  In the summer we hear the woodpecker and see the bright fox run to their holes.  In fall we hear the crunch of dry leaves under our feet was well as geese flying south.  But here in winter the birds are few, and the leaves are gone.  Still in this brown and  blue place there is a sparkle, a shine.  A bird here and there, a bunny that hops around.
           A Winter's Walk in the Woods is peaceful, but still it is full of life and light.

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