02 April 2013

Macy's Flower Show

Lots of things I do are with friends.  This was another expedition I took with my two good friends Maia and Eve Pivec.  We traveled by bus Downtown, which was quite an experience.  

As we entered to room, a huge elephant greeted us. . .

umbrellas above it. . .

pineapple plants and. . .

hyacinths surrounding its feet.

Since the lighting was very white and bright and up on the ceiling way high, it was hard to capture the actual colors of many of the red, pink, or purple flowers.  I think this one was actually supposed to be red.

Tall trees are so cool!

Pine needles are awesome.

I thought this lamp was cool with the vines all around.


Tulips and ferns

I found a setting that caught the color of this calla lily almost exactly!  Yay!

There were a few fountains around, and this one I really liked.

This was the only time I actually got the purple right!  I love this picture...
Crocuses and Cilantro

I really like this rose too...

And this picture I really like also :D


The only good picture I got of this vine and trellis someone had to walk past. . .

The End


  1. Wait...did you go on the bus by yourselves!?!?!? Such pretty flowers!:-)

    1. Actually Amy, both of our mothers went with us, we did not go alone... that would have been a real experience! :D


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