13 June 2013

Boat Cruise

YEAH held a boat cruise for the families with graduating students, and since Elleanna graduated we were able to board the boat "Avalon" on Monday the third of June.  Here are pictures of the boat, interior, and the fun group we hung out with.   

Railing and the Saint Croix
Little boat
A swallow on the rudder (before the boat started  *.*)

My drink coupon with which I received root beer

Light houseish type building
The other boats sitting in the harbor ("Anastasia" and I think "the shooting star" or something like that.)
Angles are cool *.*

Cool posts on the deck (and people on the deck) 

I really liked the signs

No third deck to enjoy :(




Texture on the steps **So cool!**
The dining room
Also in the dining room
Sun shining through the rain clouds
Only one... for show of course o_O

"And you see. . ."
"Yeah. . . no. . . it's like this. . ."
(Explaining something to Elleanna)
Group Pictures!
And right after group pictures. . .

Arggg.  Why does blogger have to squish photos?
HUGE rope

Landing dock lamp

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