25 June 2013

Camp Shetek 2013: The Inverted Kingdom

I spent six days with a great group of people learning about God and having fun the whole time.  This past week at camp was such a blessing to me, and I wanted to share a little of it with you.  Here are some pictures. . . some?  Lots of pictures for you to enjoy.
The first day we were brought into the chapel for "Morning Aerobics"

More girls from my cabin
Team Germany trying to build. . . team work by lifting a bucket of water with feet
Yeah At this one we failed...
Janelle, Michelle, and Becca
Eve and I
Beth, one of the Assistant counselors of my cabin
Team Germany trying to flip a blanket over while on it (I was in team Germany)
Lydia and Becca
All our cabin except Emma, and our counselor Caitey.
**From Top left**
Brienne (assistant counselor with Beth), Carissa, Katiana, Janelle, Lydia, Laura, Eve, Becca, Sarah, Ruth, Beth.
Andrea, Me, Michelle, Christine, and Lauren.

Andrea and I
On to Chapel
This is what happens if you loose a round during a game XD
This is what happens if you loos the game

So much running!
And... yelling

Becca and her sister Rachel called up to sing. . .

What happens when you get called up for mail. . . This or. . .

Lauren and her sister got to dance

The greased watermelon game
Sarah getting tagged during the safari game
Carissa gets a honey ticket from the "Slug"
Christine gets the squirt gun by a "Charging Hippo"

Clue... another game ... Elleanna, Ali, and Nina "The Police"
Score keeper bottles.

The Trust Run.


**Me, Eve, Laura, Beth**

Goofy Police (Pictures after this until otherwise marked are from the live clue game)

Wow... I don't know why I was laughing so much.
Lauren and I talking to Moriarty
Eve and Andrea waiting in line to see chief of Police Lestrade
Christine, Janelle, Katiana, and Michelle, and two of our worship leader's kids
Clue is done.  This is the ice-cream run
Live, Large Rock Paper Scissors

The injured and unfortunate/assistant counselors who were on the sidelines of the game.  (yes I was there... I got run over)
Eve, Janelle, and I
Food line
Showing us who is in the lead
Caitey our counselor playing the ambassador for Germany
Playing soccer with binoculars
She won.
Noontime News. . . "The Contagious Disease Ward" 
Laura and I

The End!

(Oh and yes, my team, team Germany, won :D)

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