12 June 2013

Of our field trip. . .the way there; being there; the way home?"

On our way to Bay beach amusement park in Green Bay

Ambrose and Evan trying to sleep with loud speakers and music in their ears.
I made a flower out of the ride tickets :)

On the Scrambler

Evan and Ambrose
When we first were getting on the Scrambler we on purpose each went on to a different section to see if we could see (haha) each other while on the ride.  It was only to the very end that we noticed that each time our section went to the middle, all of us met at the center bar.  This picture would have been perfect, but Evan is cut out :(.

Evan on the swing ride (the one in between the black shirt and the blue shirt)

Group shadow picture :)  One of my favorites :)

Trying to get a group picture in front of the "Zippin' Pippin" roller coaster

Yay!  Group picture.
On our way back to Two Rivers we had left over money, and all agreed on getting McDonald's fries and. . .

The car broke down...
The drive through girl had just handed our fries to us when Anatole noticed the engine heat level was up.  All except for Stella (the driver) hopped out of the car, and we pushed it out into the parking lot, there to sit until we were rescued by our Dads.
Stella had a book

But others didn't

To the rescue!
Olivia must have been very happy that the dads were here. . . :)
McDonald's advertisement anyone?
After the longish trip back in which most of the party slept in both cars (if you look at the distance between Green Bay and Two Rivers you will understand) we had a European style meal. . . around 9:00 p.m.  Lamb and a wonderful salad was worth the wait!

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