12 June 2013

The addition in Two Rivers and other such things.

This is the before the roof was raised.  (windows look out at the sheep pasture area where Olivia and Ambrose are digging fence post holes).
Artistic pictures can be taken anywhere!  (not that this is super artistic *.*)
A bit more artistic >.<
I like this one *.* ^sepia^
Super Vivid effects helped to show the maple leaves that were coming out.
Artistic Measure tape on the construction site!
Random Calk gun on the steps.

Lots of shoes lined up in the porch the whole time >.<
And someone's coke can...

I had lots of Laundry to wash.
Lots of laundry. . . . 

Anatole is jumping and Ambrose is just about to (its a Wiering thing :D:D:D)

Group Picture!!! (Colette decided the camera wasn't worth looking at at all.)
The time with my cousins was lots of fun, even with the work.  My next post, the final and last one will be "Of our field trip. . .the way there; being there; and coming home???"

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