22 September 2013

A bit of weird food.

Here are some pictures of the food I have seen during the past two weeks... there have been lots of faces in my food.

Fall, but it doesn't look it.

One of the little Aloe Vera plants that sprung up from our big one.

Apples in the back of a hosta flower.  (playing with out of focus effects)

We have so many different kinds of fuzzy caterpillars.  Here is just one of them.

Weigela bush flower

Kitty!  Named Piper by Olivia.

"Give me some food. . . Please?

No,  she doesn't eat our tomatoes.
One of our tomatoes.

21 September 2013

State Fair Delayed

I have for some reason, forgotten to post this.  Here are my few pictures from the state fair, with a story to go along.  Enjoy!

This picture brings so many memories from our three and a half hours at Little farm hands.  First, we all decided to have the boys be named "joe".  For the girls there ended up being "Jo", "Jo", "Jo", "Jojo", and "Laurajo".  Some of the people going through the line got confused about this and when I told some little kid to "give the dollar to Joe" and pointed at Anatole, the went to the other side of the room, and gave it to Ambrose.
Admiration of the tractors.
We sure are farmer people. . . 
And then the Fireworks. . .

A huge explosion....
My favorite :D
Second best.
The End!

Sunflowers. . .

Here is just a random post of pictures I took of the sunflowers we had at 5th ave.  They ranged in color, as well as size; all of them were the favorite of the honey and the bumble bee.  

I wanted to show you how big one of the sunflowers was.  HUGE!