20 December 2013


Since it is almost Christmas, I thought I would post a picture of our awkward Christmas tree.  Don't worry.  We will have an un-awkward one too.  Yes.  We have two Christmas trees.  Here you go!

We had it taken off the top of one of our large pine trees that stand in our front yard.  The only catch was that someone had done that to the same tree a couple of years ago.  Because of this, when we cut the top off, we actually got two tops. . . and one of them turned out to be a bit awkward.  As you can see, it would have looked a bit better if we had cut it a little shorter, but then it would have been a very small tree.  I guess we all voted to have a tall awkward tree in our kitchen rather than a small one!
Hopefully I can post a picture of our better looking one soon.

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