26 January 2014


During my month or so of break, I had wanted to make wrist warmers.  I had finished a couple pairs of these, when I had the idea of making a pair of legwarmers for myself.  I looked around on ravelry (a great site to find crochet and knitting patterns), but the only patterns that I thought were cute were designed for infants, and I didn't feel like trying to adjust anything.  So I set out on an adventure all it's own.  Making my own legwarmer pattern.  It did take around 7 times of me taking out and re-knitting 15 or so rows, until I figured out a sufficient increase for them.  Here are pictures of the legwarmers, and following those, the pattern that I used.  If you need anymore information about them, you can e-mail me :)

Enjoy your day!

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