18 February 2014

Tea: Thoughts and Favorites

Yesterday I stumbled upon this painting, and when a friend of mine said I needed to post on my blog again, I thought I would review my favorite teas.  Following I will give my own commentary on the teas and then when I usually drink them (Since there are so many teas that I love, I generally have to be in the mood for a certain on.)  :-)


I love english breakfast tea, and remember it as being one of the first teas I drank regularly.  We used to always buy the twinings brand, but since it is around $5.00 for a box of 20 count we switched to the Trader Joe's version.  Same taste, better price.  I usually drink this tea with a big breakfast or for afternoon schoolwork, to give myself a little boost.


Ah, and the Jasmine Green Tea.
I always hated the taste of green tea, and no matter what, I would not drink it.  Still, because I love jasmine tea, I decided to try the mixture of it that Trader Joes offered.  It remains
 one of my favorites not only because of the taste but also the wonderful health benefits that come with it.  I drink this tea sometime between breakfast and lunch or during school.

Next are the two Greys.  I personally like Lady grey more that Earl Grey, but they are both wonderful teas that I drink instead of english breakfast... that is I drink them whenever I want something more than just plain black tea.


      These two I generally drink when I feel in the mood for juice because they have a lighter, but tart taste to them.  Also, I love Pomegranate :)
On the left is Lipton's Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea, and on the right is Trader Joe's Pomegranate White tea.


I had the experience of drinking chai tea all the time when I first discovered it being wonderful, until I didn't like it anymore. Although I still love the powdered chai we had once upon a time (Link to Enchanted Chai Here). Then, this past Christmas time our Trader Joe's trip found a Spiced Chai in the bag, and once I tried it, I really liked it. Oh and the chai I had been having before this was Celestial Seasonings Indian Spice chai.

Ah, My two wellness teas.  I fall back on Chamomile tea when I come home late at night, or when I'm not feeling too well, and don't want some drastic peppermint tea.  Not that I don't like peppermint, I just can't stand it when I'm sick.
Then there are Traditional Medicinals which are organic, and non-GMO project certified teas; Breathe Easy, and Throat Coat that I usually like to have when I feel a cold coming on.


And lastly, Mango Black tea, also from Trader Joe's.  I love this tea when I want black fruit tea, because well... it is black fruit tea.  Unlike most black teas with fruit in them, the mango in this tea stands out wonderfully!  I usually will drink this instead of my other black teas.


Well!  That's a lot, but I hope you enjoyed it, and also found a new tea that you would like to try out :)  Oh, and for those of you who like personality tests, here is a fun one I found on the Traditional Medicinals Website.

And one of my favorite quotes by C. S. Lewis:
Stay warm, enjoy your tea, and try not to get spring fever like I did today... it's only February!

10 February 2014

Paper: A Mountain of Achievement

Last week I had an assignment for my writing class: write an essay on the first something in History.  This stumped me.  It shouldn't have since it was such a broad subject... but it did.  With so many choices before me I couldn't think of anything.  Suddenly (not really... it was a whole week later) I only had an evening to write my paper.  I had decided to write it on the first digital camera, but after spending around two and a half hours trying to find enough information on it, I gave up.  Either no-one knew anything about the first digital camera, or it just wasn't interesting enough for anyone to write about.  So that idea was tossed out the window and I began afresh... with no plan whatsoever.  Still I could not think of anthing that I would want to write about.  Finally I looked at the actual assignment (my teacher always has a small list of suggestions) and decided to write on the first successful mount of Mount Everest.

A Mountain of Achievement

It was June 2, 1953, the year Queen Elizabeth II was officially crowned, when England heard the news.  Mount Everest had been conquered.  It had been 32 years since the first attempt was made, and all of England was excited to hear the news.  The two men who had ascended the mountain 7 weeks earlier had made it to the top and had made history.
            The first attempt to climb the mountain had been made by George Mallory and Andrew Irvine.  They began their trek up the mountain in 1924, but never returned to land.  Mallory’s body was later found by explorers in 1999, more than 50 years after his death. 
Nevertheless, their disappearance did not stop the daring men to try the mountain for themselves.  Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made their successful journey up and down the dangerous peak.  They had conquered the mountain, and were proud of that fact.  However, this provided a problem for those who believed that Irvine and Mallory were the rightful victors over the mount.  Even though Mallory’s body had been found, his camera was missing, and without it, there was no evidence that Mallory had reached the top.  Because of this, Hillary and Tenzing were able to keep their fame of reaching the top.
It is amazing how these two men hiked up the mountain in less than two months with only the technology of the 50’s to help them.  They truly had to survive the wild winter of the mountains.  This feat was accomplished with “40 tents, 3,000 feet of rope, 75 bottles of oxygen, 47 tins of Spam, and endless loads of film and filming gear.” [Gregory McNamee]
Some may think, “What if Irvine’s body was found, and he had photographic proof on him, that they had indeed reached the summit?  Would they be the rightful victors over one of the highest mountains on Earth?”  I think not.  Hillary and Norgay had ascended and descended the mountain, and had truly conquered Mount Everest.

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