08 March 2014

Easter Coming 'Round

Easter (being around a month and a half away) got me thinking again of decorating blown eggs.
Although I have done this many different ways (including painting them, drawing on them, tissue papering them, smothering them in glitter and mod podge, and also covering them with little bits of paper) I remembered one type of egg decoration that I have not done; Pysanky.  It's an old Slavic type traditional egg decoration process, and is quite amazing.  at the beginning you are to draw with the wax over the areas you wish to remain white.  Next you dip the egg in the lightest of the dyes (usually yellow).  Once that is dried, you draw on the egg any part you want to remain yellow.  You continue this process with varying dyes, although generally you should only use up to five seperate colors.  There are various YouTube videos on Pysanky, and if you can, check them out for a tutorial.

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