24 April 2014

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers was the TV miniseries I watched last year with my dad, brother, and sister.  It recounted Easy Company's 101st Airbourne and its men.  Their ups and downs, and everything in between.

I appreciate this series for many reasons.  The first being it's strict adherence to the facts, and how well it portrays the selflessness and comradry of the troops during WWII.
It brought the war to life and helped me better grasp the heroism and hearbreak that occured in those years.  Even though there is quite a lot of language, and some other objectionable content, the posotive features of this series outweigh all of that in my eyes.
One other point is that Band of Brothers contains an abundance of violence which to some may be too intense.  However, if the violence was not in Band of Brothers it would have defenitely seemed fake, and also would not have made such an impact on me concerning the sacrifice that the soldiers in WWII made.

All in all, it was a great miniseries that contains many amazing and humoring facts about the great feats the 101st airborne accomplished and I will definitely watch it again!

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