11 April 2014

Hotel Showers... My experience.

          This weekend I am attending (Friday 11- Saturday 12) the MACHE Do Hard Things conference.  Yes, it has been fun. . .other than the fact that all day I've been walking in no-walking shoes (my stupid idea :P) or sitting in really uncomfortable chairs (not my idea XD).  Anyway!  What I wanted to talk about... it's just a random story for the week I guess.  My experience with the Hotel shower.

          For me it was exciting... a cool shower with different settings!  Hoorah... however what I didn't notice while I was changing the shower setting is that the shower head itself shifted... in the wrong direction.  That was the problem.  While I was taking my shower part of the water was... well... cleaning the floor so to speak.  It had been hitting the shower curtain and pouring (not exactly in a literal sense) out of the shower.  I didn't even notice until I had actually gotten out of the shower that the floor was covered in about a 1/2 inch of water... and was also leaking out of the bathroom into our hotel room.  Anyway... we did get it cleaned up (with five extra towels) and thankfully no damage done.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend to it's fullest, as I am just chilling in a hotel room at the moment... preparing myself for another big day at MACHE.


  1. LOL xD I love you so much hahaha

    1. Yeah... it wasn't funny at first... I was really freaking out. Which makes me wonder. Why didn't they have a drain in there? I feel like hotel bathrooms would have a drain just in case a Katrina Wiering came along.........


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