07 April 2014

GIMP Photo Editor

Hello all!
          Yes... I'm doing another review.  Only because I really wanted to share this program with you.It's called GIMP and it is one of the most amazing photo editing programs out there... for free!
           One of my first projects using GIMP was taking away bags and dark lines from under eyes... Elleanna had an excuse for them: she had to get up around 4:00 am that morning for work :-/  However!  here is an example of what wonders GIMP can do:

       That is just one the many amazing things GIMP does.  You can also easily and cleanly cut objects out of one photo and place them in another photo without it looking tacky ;).
So, if you want a nice photo editing program, that has almost everything on it, download GIMP here!

Enjoy the warmer weather!

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