19 May 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

      Yes--I am hooked and Season One is finished.  Agents of SHIELD is now defenitely one of my favorite tv shows.  First I should tell you that I don't have TV.  Yes I own one, but I don't get cable or the cheap box that has the weather-- no satalite at all.  Which is fine since anything I think is worth watching is either online, or at the library.  Yes, I have seen some Psych, Downton Abbey, and Doctor Who, but there was too much that muddled the overall plot in those-- Although I do love the Mr. Carson, and the 10th Doctor's BLINK episode <3.  Still, SHIELD is my favorite.

          Wonderful character development really caught my eye, and that the characters are not perfect--they are all realisitcly struggling with their flaws.  Not only does Agents of SHIELD have action, but it contains mystery and humour along the way-- ingredients that are vital to a capturing series.  And yes, it captured viewers with over 5 million watching each episode this past season!
          Anywho, if you have not seen any of the episodes and weren't sure of how appropriate it would be I can tell you that most of the episodes are very clean with the exception of swearing.  However there are two episodes (Girl in the Flower Dress and Yes Men) that need a couple minutes of skipped material.  Other than that, I highly recommend this to everyone!  At least try to get past episode 6 and see if you want to watch more ^.^

          Enjoy the rest of your week, and tell me what you thought of Agents of SHIELD if you watched any of it!

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