09 May 2014

Picasa 3

I said I would review Picasa, photo editor and viewer.  Well here I am, beginning the review--

          When I started out using Picasa 3 it confused me--a lot.  However, now that I have used it for around two and a half years, it has become one of my favorite photo viewers.  For one, it t is free (big plus to a 1/4 dutch penny pincher here).  Also, it comes with so many different options.  Third it is super easy to edit, and undo edits.  So.  Enough of my praising-- here we go for some inside look to Picasa 3.

        I would like to show some pictures to help along with this review--

First of all there are the main editing options.  Crop, straighten, redeye reduction, text, etc.  Those are all in the tab with the wrench icon.

          I skipped the Sun icon because that just has the fill light, highlights, fill shadow type editing which I don't use that often.  On the first paintbrush tab I usually just use the sharpen edit.  It changes lines in the picture to be more pronounced, and does what it says... sharpens.
          There are a couple other options on this tab that I use once in a while: Sepia, B&W, Saturation, and Focal B&W.  However, to see how they can change your pictures, you'll have to try Picasa 3 out for yourself ;)

          The next tab holds some more amazing options.  1960's look, cinemascope (In other words, old fashion movie ^.^) and also cross process.  If you're wondering what cross processing is... well I guess it just adds a bit of blue and yellow tint to most images, and for some reason is really cool.

An example of Cross Processing
An Example of the Lomo-ish selection on the fourth tab
An example of the HDR-ish option on the fourth tab
An Example of the Posterize effect-- this option pretty much can take out detal and minimize amounts of color, so that your image appears simpler than it was (that doesn't make much sense... but oh well!)
          Now.  The last tab is my favorite.  It holds tons of different options ^.^
This one is Boost, and it just takes the image's colors and makes them more bold.

Vignette-- pretty much just adds a soft and fading border around the photo
Pixilate option
          This one is pretty intereseting.  The pixilation option has so many different ways for editing, that I think it is easiest to see for yourself.  However, I will say that the size and sharpness of the pixels is one thing that you can change easily.

Focal Zoom
Neon Color
           Ah yes!  Neon color.  Although this one is simple, it can really change the impact of your photo.  The color, and strength of the brightness is the only thing you can change, however it makes a huge difference.  (not recommended for photos of people.  It just makes faces look weird.)


Polaroid Effect
          These last two are pretty awesome.  You can change the background colors, and also the tilt, and size of the borders.

          Anywho!  This is only one aspect of Picasa 3.  It can also create amazing colages (such as the ones I made here), slideshows, and movies (which work great with stopmotion clips).

          Hope that I piqued your interest, and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Thanks for the review! I've been interested in this site, so I appreciate the good words about it.

    1. No problem! If you have anything else you would like me to review just let me know using the contact forum at the bottom of my page, and I'll see what I can do ^.^



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