21 May 2014

Pictures of the Week // 2

For the first part of this post all pictures are from my farm and I used my brother's Canon sx10 IS--
Blooming Pussy Willow
Pussy Willow
 I love pussy willows and we bought four bushes this spring! <3

My Kitty <3

Our barn cat Dust never officially got a name.  I had named him Faramir (Lord of the Rings best character ever! <3) when he was a kitten (at least we thought he was one of the kittens...) but when he came back all huge, he got dubbed "Dusty" by my mom-- he actually looks almost exactly like the color of our dirt since it is clay ^.^  Actually, I'm not a cat person, but you just can't not love Dusty-- he's super sweet :)

Blossom on Nanking Cherry Bush

Mr. Toad hanging out by the Cherry Bush ^.^
Red Current Blossoms
Red Current Bush

Lone Wild Violet in our Orchard
Edited Pic of Dusty
Not sure what this is... Just a Random tree that had buds on it ^.^
Here's the Flowering Version of the unknown tree ^.^
Lilac Buds

See?  Adorable!
Lone Dandilion in our yard after mowing
The Swing!

I believe these are barn swallows-- not sure though
Mr. Ant and his friends and Family are eating up my Swing tree!  :-/
We've got house wrens in both the porch bird houses again!
Ya know.  Minnesota can sure look like a jungle when it wants to.
Haha.  Sorry, I just had to do the typical Minneesoota accent up in that caption.

Our vase of apple blossoms through the deck doors
These part of the photos was taken first-- but blogger for some weird reason put them on second :-/ oh well!  These were taken with my camera in Minneapolis.

Picasa Edit "Pixelate"
I can't remember the name of these... creeping something ^.^
Ferns <3
More Ferns ^.^
White Hyacinth

Lilac Buds

Now we're back at the farm-- still with my camera (canon a2200)
Rose Leaves
This is the vase from the inside ^.^

         Hope you enjoyed this post-- I know there were a lot of pictures but here in Minnesota we've been waiting for spring (especially since below 50 degrees in February).  Enjoy the rest of your week!

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