28 May 2014

Pictures of the Week // 3

This Week's Pictures of the Week has pictures I took with my sister's Canon Rebel t3i after it rained.  Enjoy!

Okay so bare with me now-- there are a lot of pictures of dew on this bush.  It was just so gorgeous I couldn't resist! ^.^

Decorative Apple Blossom Tree
Red Maple

Holly Bush
Yay Pussy Willow!

Bleeding Heart
These pictures were taken today with the t3i


I had gotten on the ground to take pics of the lawn and dandilions, and this one got stuck in my boot ^.^
I love this pine cone's color!

Bumble Bee on the Crab Apple Blossoms
Agh.  The bumble bee was flying around so fast that the camera focused on the leaves instead of the bee XP
We've been working on getting a picket fence around our salad garden-- not done yet, but its almost there!

I never really took into consideration that blueberries had blossoms-- aren't they cute!  They remind me of lily of the valley.
Our Yellow Delicious Apple Tree's Blossoms
Cherry Tree Blossoms ^.^
Ahh.  I cannot get over the gorgeous Cherry Bark!
My Adventure around ended with a hello from Dusty ^.^
Hope you enjoyed!  Let me know what pictures were your favorite, or anything else that's on your mind ;)

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