18 May 2014

Sickness In Spring-- How I Deal With It

          I caught a cold yesterday, and it is ruining my favorite season!  It's one of those annoying head colds that can not decide between a sore and scratchy throat-- not a great convenience.  And since I don't have my appendix, it takes a little longer for these colds to leave me :-/
          Anyway I thought I would talk about how I deal with colds since I hate taking meds and things like alka seltzer or airborne.
          Generally I try to keep some tissue and hand sanatizer at nearby-- making sure that I can wash my hands right away when I'm done blowing my nose/coughing.  This way I won't be like the person before me unconciously spreading the germs ^.^
         One weird thing is that I can't stand drinking plain water when I have a cold.  It does not feel right on my throat.  So I usually drink herbal teas and sometimes, Emergen-C, a wonderful vitamin powder, that helps me to get my liquids when I'm sick.  
          If I don't have Emergen-C at home, then will usually have Traditional Medicianal's Throat Coat, or Gypsy Cold Care.  Again, if we don't have that at home I find some Chamomile Tea and put in lots of honey ^.^
          Lastly I try to stay away from dairy since it thickens phlem.  Other than that I get lots of sleep, excercise, and popcorn--the salt helps and its a non-sugary snack ^.^

          I hope this helped you!  Please let me know if there's some other great non-med way to relax during sickness, or just ease the head cold horridness. 

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