07 May 2014

Wiering Wallpaper

          The other day Olivia and mom came home with one of the best (and must I mention *Free*) crafting supplies.
Discarded Wallpaper Books

**Some** of the wallpaper books
I would like to show you some of my favorites from this new batch.  Notice... I said **some**.  There are way to many gorgeous pieces to take pictures of all the amazing patterns and designs.  
(Note: most of these come in different color combinations too!)

Black on black with metalic gold stripes

Metalic silver stripes

Cloth (about actual size)
Yes, there is cloth in a wallpaper book.

Blue with brown/silver metalic kaleidoscope
Example of the many colors some of them come in-- line texture.

More metalic on blue...so pretty!
Different textures and pattern example--folded pages

          It still amazes me how many different wallpaper books we have now!  It's a good thing mom got these after school.  Otherwise--

          I counted how many wallpaper books occupy our home--including the couple we already had-- 30+.  Now that is what I call gifts to a crafter--especially since they would have thrown them away if we hadn't taken them!

          Enjoy the rest of your week, and let me know your thoughts about my latest posts!  Also, I'm thinking of posting blogger tutorials if anyone is interested.

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