26 June 2014

Roman Holiday ~Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck~

One of my all-time favorite movies is Roman Holiday Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.  It's not your classic love story although it is defenitely a classic love story-- you would know what I mean once you see the movie ^.^  Actually, Roman Holiday was Audrey's first Hollywood film!

          Anyway-- Now I will attempt to tell you about this movie without spoiling its great plot.  Audrey Hepburn plays the role of Princess Ann in this film-- a princess who is on tour in Rome to improve European relations, and to say the least she is not happy with her life.  She is tired of shaking hands with officials and dancing with ambassadors.
          Needless to say she plays sick girl so that all her appointments will be cancelled, and on goes the adventure!  But there's more.  Gregory Peck is a newspaper reporter living in Italy named Joe Bradly.

Mouth of truth - roman holiday
This picture is from one of the most famous scenes in Roman Holiday-- The Mouth of Truth

          Roman Holiday is one of my favorite B&W movies.  It captures people's everyday interaction with each other (maybe not now days interaction, but a very trusting Princess in the 50's...).
         If this little bit of the plot doesn't say enough, then I can put more to pique the interest of you readers-- I just don't want to spoil this movie for you ^.^

         So I hope you have a wonderful end of the week, and let me know if I should write anymore into this review!  Or, have you seen Roman Holiday, and what are your favorite parts in it? Is there a different B&W or older movie (60's and older) that you enjoy?

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25 June 2014

Fifa World Cup 2014-- Real Football

Oh the shock to hear that an American doesn't like American footbal.  I didn't grow up with what we call football, and instead grew up with what we call Soccer.  A lot of people think it is boring to play and to watch "You just chase the ball around and try to hit it in the goal!" but I could say the same about American Football.  You just chase each other around and run to get the ball to touchdown-- with a lot of tackling in between.  
That's probably one reason why I like real Football.  Because you can't handle the ball; you have to have synchronized mind with feet muscles, and there's a lot of running.  Unlink baseball where you hit the ball and run- stop.  Wait for someone to catch it.  Wait for someone to hit the ball-- oops they struck out!  Anyway (you can tell I don't like baseball either) I thought I would talk a little about Real Football.

I remember my first time actually watching it was last time in South Africa.  If you don't know, I'm 1/4 Dutch (some people think its called Hollandish...), and my family traveled over to my Aunt and her family's house to watch the finale game: Spain Vs. Netherlands.  It was a super close game, and both teams were doing their best (with a British referee who was giving everyone red cards).  No.  Netherlands did not win, however they are doing very well this year (having their game against Spain be 5-1!).  Also America is doing surprisingly well, although I'm afraid of what Germany will do to them tomorrow.  So far both the Netherlands and America have won all their games, with the exception of a tie between U. S. and Portugal.  What a game it would be if the Netherlands and U. S. were to play against each other for the finale!

So, for the questions-- What team(s) have you been rooting for? Or do you like American Football better?  Or, if you don't like any of those, what is your favorite sport?  I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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22 June 2014

Vivian Maier Photography

           One of my friends Amy told me about a newly discovered (in 2007) Photographer Nanny from the 50's: Vivian Maier.  I thought I would share the website and some of her pictures because I like thousands of other people have absolutely fallen in love with her photography!  It is absolutely amazing so here we go--

**All these photos are from http://www.vivianmaier.com/.  I did not take any and give full credit to the website-- these are just for a sneek peek so you can see how wonderful the photography is and go visit the site yourself!**


Audry Hepburn on 1964 Chicago, IL premier of "My Fair Lady"
I absolutely love the above picture! (being an Audrey Hepburn fan and all ^.^)

1956 New York, NY
1953 New York, NY
France 1959

Self Portrait 1960

Sailors 1961

The above picture was my favorite of her color photos-- Personally I think she had better black and white ones.  But maybe that was just because those picture were from the 50's and 60's and most of the color ones were from the 70's?  I don't know.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Let me know what you think of her photography, or if you already have heard of her, what are your favorite pictures?  Have a wonderful week!

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21 June 2014

Foyle's War

I just began watching one of BBC's best Masterpiece Mystery series which began in the early 2002: 

           I heard about this series from my cousins (who also told me about Band of Brothers) and last week while I was doing dishes wanted to watch something.  Since I had no other series to watch I decided to begin Foyle's War.
           I should probably explain about the series a little.  It is about the Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle of the British Police; his life (personal and not), job, and mysterious cases.  This kind of thing interests me a lot-- especially since it takes place during World War 2.

The below picture shows--from left to right-- Chrisopher Foyle, Samantha Weeks, and Detective Sergeant Paul Milner.

          Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) is in my opinion one of the best tv characters ever.  He is great at making people feel like people, and also knows when people are lying.  Yet when people do lie, he doesn't yell at all-- he just states the facts and goes on with what he was saying.  Also, he has a great relationship with his son, who is in the war.
          Samantha Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks) is Foyle's driver, and all around helper (or at least she would like to be).  She has a very inquisitive personality, and, to Foyle's dismay is always asking questions.
          Paul Milner (Anthony Howell) faught in The War and lost his leg while doing so.  However Foyle hired him to help him do his detective work (despite Milner's thoughts of it being out of pity).

          After almost finishing the first series, I think it comes as my second and a half favorite series (up next to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).  Also I have started a series (which my oldest sister loves) called Endeavor, which is also a BBC Masterpiece Mystery series-- however I will have to save my talk about that series for another day.  Hope you enjoyed my post, and I should get something up about this past week at camp ^.^

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14 June 2014

Inspirational Wish List

So lately I've been finding a ton of cool Vintage/music/map/book styled stuff, and although some of it is out of reach, I like to keep a wish list.


Agh.  I. so. wish. I. could. have.  Sadly awesome + good quality = really really expensive :-/

I. Want.  Seriously, this photo album is awesome and I want it if I go to Italy in the Spring!  Otherwise I could get a plain scrabook and cover it with old maps... there goes my brain, off to what I could do! haha ^.^

Yes.  All things vintage/music.  This handbag is amazing, and not too hard to make-- at least it didn't look too hard to make...

I love this book clutch and hopefully will be able to make one this summer!

I actually made my own of these by using a plain white mug (from the thrift store) and some glass paint (from Michaels).  It wasn't actually all that hard-- although If I were you I would use a microwave/oven/dishwasher safe mug so that you didn't have to cover it with Mod Podge like I did ^.^

13 June 2014

DIY Boho Braided Headband

I had leftover material from the shorts I made  and I loved the turquoise, so I decided to make a braided headband out of it.  I have done this before a couple of times, but when I did the material itself was strechy... this time I attempted working with elastic.  Keep reading to find out how I did it!

First of all I took my piece of fabric and cut it into strips about 1 inch in width.  You can make the bigger if you want, but I like small headbands, and once all three strips are braided, it turns out to be around 1/2 inch wide.  Oh, yeah-- you'll need three of those strips since we'll be braiding them ^.^

Once that is finished you need to cut the ends of the strips to a blunt point and place them on top of eachother

Here you see at the beginning you must sew the ends, and then braid.  Once you have braided all the way to the end, snip the ends like you did at the beginning, and then you can sew those ends.

Now for the elastic-- now this, you have to slide through the end of the braid

To keep the elastic in place, you must put the needles through the middle.
Do this, and then measure using your head to see how much you'll need.

Next you need to co ver up those ugly ends ^.^
To do this, take a piece of the fabric a little bigger than this one in the picture.

You'll need to fold each side of the fabric twice over and pin it like so--

After it is pinned (top left) you can put two stitches on the short ends and three on the long ends, securing the corners with many stitches as you go along ;)  Once that is done fold the piece around the end of the headband like so (top right)

Once you've wound the piece around the end, then you can stitch it securly-- don't worry about the look of these stitches, the top left picture is the bottom of the headband and the top right will be on the top.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Tell me if you have any questions!

12 June 2014

Homemade Mocha

          This past year my mom taught a cooking class, and one of her recipes was a quick and easy mocha.  This. mocha. is. delicious.  I wanted to make one today and I decided I would show you all how!

Ingredients (For a 6 cup batch)

  • 2 Tablespoons instant coffee (I used Maxwell House brand)
  • 1/4 cup powdered chocolate flavor (I used Nestle's Nesquik Chocolate flavor)
  • A little less than 1/4 cup sugar (the recipe called for more, but that's just too much sugar!
  • 6 cups water
  • Clean Coffee Filter ;)
  • cream, milk, or vanilla icecream

      Now collect your few ingredients--


     and pour them all into the coffee pot.

After that, pour six cups of water into your coffee pot, change the filter
And you are ready to put your Mocha on!

Once the coffee pot is finished eating the water and such, pour your mocha into your mug

For the final touch add milk, cream, or vanilla ice cream to your mocha-- it isn't bad without it (there's enough sweets in there, and it is thicker than normal coffee) but it's up to you!