12 June 2014

Bell Bottoms to Shorts DIY

I had this pair of turquoise pants that I wanted to use, but they had huge bell-bottoms.  Enough said, I decided to make them to shorts, and I thought I would show all of you how I did it ^.^

Begin by clearing your works space, and placing on it, your chosen pants, some scissors, a pen, a needle, thread, and several pins.

Draw a line across both pant legs (I suggest marking the pants while wearing them so that you can get the length you want, and then draw the line)

Next fold cut the pants and fold bottom up twice (make sure your fold is small)

Now you can begin to sew.  I put my first stitch through the pant like this:

Next pin the bottom-- Yes, I put the first stitch in first.  This is so that the fold I have can be secure before I start pinning because the stitch holds the exact place better than a pin.

Now you can pin and start stitching!  Once that is done, you can either leave it as is, or fold it up twice more, depending on how tight they get when folded up

Blogger squashed the picture... oh well!
And there you have it, some cool shorts for a lot cheaper than store price (I found some orange Elle ones at Kohls today-- sadly they were $40.00 :-/)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I did this today. Thanks for the DIY. :)

    1. You're welcome, Grace! I'm glad it was useful ^.^



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