25 June 2014

Camp 2014

I mentioned me going to camp in a couple of posts earlier, well now I have finally sorted through pictures (taken by my lovely sister Elleanna and a couple by me) and found which ones I would like to share. 
First of all however I want to mention some things about this camp-- Our church holds a Jr. High summer camp each year at a small camp in the south of Minnesota.  The camp runs from Sunday (when we arrive after church) till Friday, where a finale feast awaits the weary campers with food and family.  Jr. Highers from all three sites of our church come, and it's super fun!
This year they themed it Narnia (with a lot of un-mentioned Lord of the Rings stuff XD)-- The year before last year was Super Heroes with Batman as main character, and last year was Sherlock Holmes.


And now for my favorite pictures from this year ^.^

This was the cabin I stayed in.

More than Conquerors by Rend Collective Experiment was kind of the theme song-- I had heard it before on Pandora and really liked it, and was really happy they played it at camp ^.^

These kids didn't get the point of the "o".  It stands for a sitting down standing ovation, but they always stood up when doing it.  

Program Director Central ^.^

Interviewing the final four of the Sign-up Tournament "Where all you have to do is-- Sign-up!"

                         Oh the hand butterflies.

          On Monday there was a huge rainstorm/thunderstorm.  They kept us in the chapel and entertained us by having assistant counselors lip dub Lacrae, and (below picture) sing Love is an Open Door.

They also have morning aerobics the first day-- it's funny to watch the people around you XD

          Again, rainstorms kept us indoors and they had each cabin perform a skit-- Elleanna and Laura were a, well, prophetic ape thingy...

Laura and Andrea
Oh we're such gorgeous foxes... What do we say?  Yeah, everyone was making jokes about what the fox says.......
Awwww.  Laura and Champ the camp dog.
Carissa, her brother, and Laura
Our cabin group in line for lunch ^.^
Laura and I (in line for supper)
Lydia and Rinata my cabin's assistant counselors
Rinata and I
We had a massage line when waiting for dinner ^.^
Katya and Champ-- she was the brave soul who gave him his much needed bath
Emma and Carissa-- very excited about... duct tape ;)
Jordan Heacox (our site's youth group leader) and his little girl Rubianna-- She's even cuter in real life!
Andrea, Laura and I--I don't know why my teeth are clenched so much......
Carissa could totally be on the front of a movie cover there!
Did they become gophers, or was there an inside joke I didn't know about?  XD

French braids are your best friend at camp-- along with the people who can make them!

Laura and Rinata -- dribbling a Volley ball?

Andrea and I-- wow I look tired...
Rinata taking pictures during Fresher, the afternoon group game
Getting ready for a food game-- objective was to put the oreo on your forhead and somehow make it into your mouth.  I have no idea why they chose me on behalf of our team....

         When you recieve mail at camp you have to either sing, dance or do something of the sort-- one cabin sent Alli a couple of letters and wrote that she had to sing "If I were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof.  It was really great ^.^

All the camp inside the Chapel singing Overcome
Jordan giving an example using an old fighter pilot helmet
'nuf said.
Elleanna and Katya
ahh the jellybean contest!
Lydia, Andrea and I in the craft shack
The tie-dye shirt I never got....
Elleanna wanted it to be a spider-- so it was!
Sarah and Rinata

Lydia, Andrea, Emma and I
          Here are pictures from one of the games that we play called clue-- you go around and ask questions to the different characters around the camp.  One you ask them the right question or get an answer, they sign your paper.  To win you have to get the most (actually all...) signatures on your sheet.

The group of counselors and assitant counselors dressed up
Mrs. Mr. Beaver, and Mr. Tumnus
Olivia as a cat, with a creepy Sam Shift in the background.
The Queens and King of Narnia-- one looks like she's having lots of fun XD
Michelle, Katiana, and Janelle talking to Shift
The happy gnome
Reepicheep and his two friends or assistants?
The Tisroc and his gaurdians
These two were Prince Caspians Police Gaurds-- they made you sing a song using Prince Caspians name in there, and they sprayed you with water.  Andrea Laura and I did I'm a little Prince Caspain (I'm a little Tea Pot).  They thought it was okay, but we forgot to change the short and stout......
Andrea, Laura, and I as a fox (from the skit)
Laura and I
                                                 Here is the official Finale Video that was shown ^.^

         I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I do.  Have you ever been to a camp before?  I really want to go to Trout Lake camp-- my church goes there for their Jr. and Sr. High Winter Retreat, but I think it would be really fun in the summer!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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