06 June 2014

Duolingo: Language Learning

Hello Everyone!

Spring of 2015 I have the chance to travel to Italy for around a week.  Because of this I really wanted to learn some Italian.  Thanks to my great friend Amy (whose blog is here) I found Duolingo.com.  She announced the app to me, and since I have no iThingy or phone, I decided to check out if they had a website.  To my great joy, they do, and now I am learning Italian!  Now for the greatest part: like most sites that I review (actually all sites now that I think of it...) duolingo.com is totally free.  Yes, you have to sign up with an e-mail, but that's just for tracking your personal learning, and anyway-- what site nowdays doesn't require an e-mail?  I mean it! haha if you like you could comment below and let me know of a totally awesome website that is super useful that doesn't require an e-mail.  Online movie sites and blogs don't count ;)
If you have been wanting to learn a language just because and you don't want to spend big bucks on it (wow cliche...) you should totally check it out.  Also, I'm not payed for advertising anything... I just really love this site and would like to share about it!  Right now they have Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portugese.  They are working on Dutch, Irish, Russian and a couple more (you can see the progress here)  And you can be learning as many languages as you like at one time-- although I would suggest learning two totally opposite types.  I tried French while doing Italian and it totally confused me.  I will be learning French this next school year though!
Hope this helps, and have a loverly weekend!


  1. YAY! I'm so glad you like it as much as I do. I started french before I went on to german and I kept getting mixed up between german and french. I am now doing only German and LOVE IT!!!! Anyway, ya im just happy you like it too.

    1. Yeah... two languages at once doesn't work so well :-/ So you like German better than French?



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