25 June 2014

Fifa World Cup 2014-- Real Football

Oh the shock to hear that an American doesn't like American footbal.  I didn't grow up with what we call football, and instead grew up with what we call Soccer.  A lot of people think it is boring to play and to watch "You just chase the ball around and try to hit it in the goal!" but I could say the same about American Football.  You just chase each other around and run to get the ball to touchdown-- with a lot of tackling in between.  
That's probably one reason why I like real Football.  Because you can't handle the ball; you have to have synchronized mind with feet muscles, and there's a lot of running.  Unlink baseball where you hit the ball and run- stop.  Wait for someone to catch it.  Wait for someone to hit the ball-- oops they struck out!  Anyway (you can tell I don't like baseball either) I thought I would talk a little about Real Football.

I remember my first time actually watching it was last time in South Africa.  If you don't know, I'm 1/4 Dutch (some people think its called Hollandish...), and my family traveled over to my Aunt and her family's house to watch the finale game: Spain Vs. Netherlands.  It was a super close game, and both teams were doing their best (with a British referee who was giving everyone red cards).  No.  Netherlands did not win, however they are doing very well this year (having their game against Spain be 5-1!).  Also America is doing surprisingly well, although I'm afraid of what Germany will do to them tomorrow.  So far both the Netherlands and America have won all their games, with the exception of a tie between U. S. and Portugal.  What a game it would be if the Netherlands and U. S. were to play against each other for the finale!

So, for the questions-- What team(s) have you been rooting for? Or do you like American Football better?  Or, if you don't like any of those, what is your favorite sport?  I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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  1. Italy...sadly they are out. And Germany.

    1. Ohh yeah, they're both really good-- I didn't know Italy was out! That's sad :-/ Yeah I'm interested in how today's USA vs. Germany game will go. Although USA has been doing good so far, Germany is a tough team!



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