21 June 2014

Foyle's War

I just began watching one of BBC's best Masterpiece Mystery series which began in the early 2002: 

           I heard about this series from my cousins (who also told me about Band of Brothers) and last week while I was doing dishes wanted to watch something.  Since I had no other series to watch I decided to begin Foyle's War.
           I should probably explain about the series a little.  It is about the Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle of the British Police; his life (personal and not), job, and mysterious cases.  This kind of thing interests me a lot-- especially since it takes place during World War 2.

The below picture shows--from left to right-- Chrisopher Foyle, Samantha Weeks, and Detective Sergeant Paul Milner.

          Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) is in my opinion one of the best tv characters ever.  He is great at making people feel like people, and also knows when people are lying.  Yet when people do lie, he doesn't yell at all-- he just states the facts and goes on with what he was saying.  Also, he has a great relationship with his son, who is in the war.
          Samantha Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks) is Foyle's driver, and all around helper (or at least she would like to be).  She has a very inquisitive personality, and, to Foyle's dismay is always asking questions.
          Paul Milner (Anthony Howell) faught in The War and lost his leg while doing so.  However Foyle hired him to help him do his detective work (despite Milner's thoughts of it being out of pity).

          After almost finishing the first series, I think it comes as my second and a half favorite series (up next to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).  Also I have started a series (which my oldest sister loves) called Endeavor, which is also a BBC Masterpiece Mystery series-- however I will have to save my talk about that series for another day.  Hope you enjoyed my post, and I should get something up about this past week at camp ^.^

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  1. I love Foyles War!
    I especially love Sam!

    xo sarah.

    1. Yay! I'm glad there's someone else who has heard of it ^.^ Yes, Sam is so great-- I love how Foyle treats her... their interaction is so funny ^.^ I am just starting the second series-- did you know they are coming out with a ninth series next year? I'm super excited for it!



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