14 June 2014

Inspirational Wish List

So lately I've been finding a ton of cool Vintage/music/map/book styled stuff, and although some of it is out of reach, I like to keep a wish list.


Agh.  I. so. wish. I. could. have.  Sadly awesome + good quality = really really expensive :-/

I. Want.  Seriously, this photo album is awesome and I want it if I go to Italy in the Spring!  Otherwise I could get a plain scrabook and cover it with old maps... there goes my brain, off to what I could do! haha ^.^

Yes.  All things vintage/music.  This handbag is amazing, and not too hard to make-- at least it didn't look too hard to make...

I love this book clutch and hopefully will be able to make one this summer!

I actually made my own of these by using a plain white mug (from the thrift store) and some glass paint (from Michaels).  It wasn't actually all that hard-- although If I were you I would use a microwave/oven/dishwasher safe mug so that you didn't have to cover it with Mod Podge like I did ^.^


  1. Replies
    1. It is! If only the price tag wasn't three digets :-/
      Maybe I could make one of those someday and share with everyone!



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