05 June 2014

Pictures of the Week // 4

          This week was my sister's graduation ceremony.  Some people may ask, "What?? Homeschoolers have a graduation ceremony???"  Yep!  We have this Homeschool support group thingy (you never know what to call it...) which has activities and such, and they hold a ceremony at my church.
          Anywho!  Here are some pictures for you ^.^ All were taken with my sister's T3i-- I took most, although she wanted her camera for some of it, so some of these she took.

Olivia and I (agh.  My bangs are always so weird after I take a shower :P)

My sisters (Elleanna and Olivia)

A group of the graduates praying before the ceremony

I believe that they are watching the slideshow-- each graduate had a couple of pictures which played on the screen for 30 seconds while they talked about their plans for the future.

Emily, Addi, and I-- Emily was in some classes this past year with me, and Addi was a co-worker.

Here we are with Elizabeth ^.^ 


These next pictures are from yesterday-- just around Minneapolis.

I just wish I could edit that light thingy out-- it totally wrecks the picture :-/

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