27 July 2014

A Panorama: Clouds

          I made this panorama using Picasa Collage Maker and Gimp Image Manipulation Program.  Sorry I couldn't make it bigger

          Anywho-- if you wan to know how I made this collage just leave a comment below and I'll try to get a tutorial up in a week or so!  Have a wonderful day!

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26 July 2014

Here's to Summer: Photo Challenge (2)

There was a caterpiller crawling on my camera strap at the beach... I had to take the strap off to take a picture, but it's kinda  a funny summer thing ^.^

**My second entry to the Here's to summer photo challenge.**

Have a wonderful day!

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Liebstar Award // Again ^.^

          So!  I was nominated for the Liebstar Award... Again!  Here is the link to my other Liebstar Award Post.  I'll jump right in!

The Rules to this post:
  • Post Eleven facts about yourself
  • Answer the Eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you 
  • Create an eleven- question set for the next group of nominees
  • Choose Eleven people to nominate and link them in the post
  • Let your nominees know they've been tagged- and no tag-backs!

~Facts About Me~
  1. I don't really like hard candies that much-- such as lolly pops or the like
  2. I like brussel sprouts
  3. I might travel to Italy this coming spring
  4. I am the youngest in my family
  5. I don't like wearing flare jeans
  6. I don't like jean skirts unless they are super short and paired with leggings
  7. I have only seen the first Harry Potter movie
  8. I will watch movies from the 40's-60's 
  9. My room is almost always messy with craft supplies and clothes
  10. I used to live right next to the Mississippi River
  11. One of my favorite movies is Roman Holiday (see my post about it here)
~Julia's Questions~
  1. If you were in outer space and your friend started drifting off, what would you do?  I seriously have no idea.  I don't even know why me and a friend would be in outer space.  XD
  2. What is your least favorite blog?  Least favorite? That's mean XD I don't know.  Usually when I don't like blogs it is because I either can't stand the layout or the posts just don't interest me.
  3. If you had nothing to eat would you, eat grass, flowers, tree bark, or dirt?  Flowers definitely
  4. If you were woken up by a screaming sister telling you that your older sister was badly injured and bleeding, what would you do?  I would ask what happened, where she was, and we would together go and help her... actually my oldest sister (whose blog is here) is going to be a Physicians Assistant, and my other sister (who would be the screaming sister) has been trained in first aid.  So we'd be fine ;)
  5. What post did you laugh the most at on my blog?  I'm not sure!  I've only known about your blog for like two weeks after you commented on one of my posts ^.^
  6. Have you ever climbed on the roof of anything? (like garage, chicken house, etc) Lol yes.  Lots of them-- read my You Know You Are ~ A Contractor's Daughter post Here  I roof with my Dad and siblings ;)
  7. Do you wear a promise ring? (Or purity ring)  No, but I would like to get one sometime.
  8. Do you have a favorite meal to cook, from scratch? No boxed meals, ladies!  Hmm.  Not really sure!  I love what my family calls pesto-- it's really pesto in noodles with chicken, tomatoes and parmesean cheese.  It's super yummy.
  9. Have you ever tried to break a broken egg against something?  Nope.
  10. If a stranger walked up on the streets, handed you a note and it said "Don't look at that car". What would you do?  I would probably not look, and then ... um... look at the note?  I don't know.
  11. If you could clean a house (even the bathrooms! ;) )  with 5 bloggers, who would they be?  Maiya, Kate, Libby, Amy, and Paige
~My Questions~
(yeah I used them in my other post)
  1. If you could go (or live) anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
  2. Are you related to any famous person(s)?
  3. What is your favorite season?
  4. What is your dream car from before 2000? Yeah, kinda a guys question...
  5. Tea or Coffee?
  6. If you were stuck on an island and there was a box, what would be in the box? (Agents of SHIELD tribute ^.^ haha)
  7. If you had $500 at your disposal, but you had to spend it (no savings accounts, or paying taxes allowed ;) ) What would you do?
  8. What is (are) your favorite band(s)?
  9. What country linneage do you have (i.e. 1/4 German, 1/7 French, etc)
  10. Would you rather have a pixi cut or hair going to your feet?
  11. Do you prefer Swing Dancing or Ballroom Dancing?
          I don't really have anyone to nominate, so I'll just say whichever 11 people follow my blog and post a comment letting me know they followed me, then they'll be officially  nominated ^.^

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24 July 2014

DIY Christmas Box to Pen Holder

Alright, alright.  Some people might think this box is really cute and Christmasy, but it just isn't my style and kinda reminds me of ugly christmas sweaters (I mean really.  Checks, Plaid, and stripes?).  I decided that I would give it a new look!

          First of all you have to measure the paper to the box.  I did this by setting the box on it's side, and making sure that there was enough paper to go up all the sides-- and marking

          Once everything is measured and marked (meaning all the sides as well as the bottom) you can start cutting!  I cut the left and right sides like shown below-- doing this will leave a stronger hold (with "wings" of paper).  If that makes any sense... It's kinda confusing without a ton of pictures.  Anywho! You have

         If you can see what I did (tape the "wings" up) then good for you ;)  Next you glue the leftover sides up, take the tape off from the inside of the box, and put washi tape on the inside to keep the sides up!

      The lid is done pretty much the same way as you wrap a present or something ;)  There you have it!

Tada!  If you have any questions I'll see to making a diagram on any part that I wasn't clear on.  Have a wonderful day!

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23 July 2014

Pictures of the Week // 5

It's time for pictures of the week again!  This time, however I am using my very own Canon Rebel t3i!  I just bought one last week off of ebay.com and I am loving it so so so much!  Here is the link of the company -- Click here to see what I got!
I had to watch it because they put the price for this up and down, but it continually has free shipping, and the products are all new!  Anyway, I'll be giving a review of my camera soon to talk more about what I got and what I use the most etc. Enjoy these pictures!

This is on one of the apple trees we put in last fall-- we already had to take half the apples off of it so it could grow properly!
I love this picture of the dragonfly.  It was just sitting there so I was able to get really close and snap a focused picture!
This is one of the melon type things-- Not sure if it is Canteloupe or Watermelon or Squash... I think it is one of the first two though.
I love how bright the colors are!

Hosta Flower
Another Hosta Flower

Butterfly weed at the end of its flowering-- its an orange version of milkweed

The End!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures-- let me know what you would like to see more of.  I know I always have tons of flowers and such-- I'm try to take some more action shots now, and just get used to the different settings as well.  Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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22 July 2014

Cheap Health Tips and DIYs

Coconut oil for any moisterizer
Cinnamon, cocoa, or flour for dry shampoo
          So this week I have a couple of Cheap Healthy DIY's for daily life.

          The first concerns Aloe Vera, one of my top favorite plants.  Why do I love Aloe so much?  Most of you probably know that it can help relieve misquito bites and such.  It also can sooth sun burns (which I don't get that often, but when I do, this helps a lot!).  What I use aloe for the most is to relieve swelling skin from nettle stings.  If you don't know what nettle is, that is okay-- its just one of those annoying plants that looks harmless and then when you touch it, you swell up a little, and it stings for a couple of hours.  I used to think nettles weren't good for anything, but apparently I was wrong-- you can make some sort of wellness tea out of it.  Anywho.  I like Aloe a lot better than nettles ^.^
         Next I have something called dry shampoo.  When you don't have time to wash your hair, you can stick some of this in it-- and the wonderful thing is that you most likely will already have all of these around your house!
         The first of these options is cinnamon-- it is ideal for red hair, or brown/blonde like me-- if your hair color is like mine, it will get a reddish tint from the cinnamon ^.^ (you can also use nutmeg or some other type of spice like cinnamon)

          For the dark haired people we have cocoa powder-- the picture I have here isn't as dark as what kind should be used (I believe that is dutch cocoa...) so maybe find some unsweetened dark Hershey's cocoa or something like that, and it should work fine!

         Lastly for those with lighter hair there is flour-- just don't use too much because your hair will most likely turn really white.  I don't know what alternatives there are for lighter hair-- maybe some kind of light cooking spices?  If anyone has any ideas, just comment below, and I'll put it up here with a link to your blog ^.^

Then there is my favoritness ever.  CONOCUT OIL!  Okay-- this is the best for so many things.  First of these is a yummy oil alternative.  Second is a moisturizer of any type.  It is even fine enough to use on your face (just make sure you either have really dry skin if you use it, or use it during the winter when there is not moisture in the air).  If you have any other favorite uses for coconut oil, just comment below and I will add your ideas with a list to your blog.

I hope this helped!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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