21 July 2014

20 Random Facts About Me

So today I have a random facts about me post-- some of these were featured in my Liebstar Award Post.  I didn't get tagged or anything like that, I just thought I would let you all know a little more about myself!

  • I am a Christian
  • I eat mayo with my fries
  • I love both the country and city (I grew up in the city)
  • I have never seen the Ocean
  • I am 1/4 dutch
  • I like to read
  • I love taking pictures-- even if they don't turn out the best, it's fun to experiment
  • I love huge thunderstorms and watching movies with tea and a cosy blanket during them
  • I have to "warm up" to sports each time I play them before I can actually play them
  • Tea time is a part of my life when it is cold
  • I love Italian food, although not all sea food is to my taste
  • I say been the English way.  Pronounced bean instead of ben.
  • I have never been on a plane
  • I'm not obsessed with Dr. who although the tenth doctor is amazing, and I love the BLINK episode.
  • I love swing dancing even though I've only officially done it once.
  • I played piano for around 10 years
  • I'm learning Italian now, and French the school year of '14 -'15.
  • I prefer Caribou Coffee over Starbucks
  • You find me and my siblings quoting movies, Radio Theatre, Adventures in Odyssey, books, and tv series almost every day.
  • Water is my favorite Beverage other than tea

Have a wonderful Week!

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  1. You have never seen the OCEAN?! Girllllll. It's drop dead gorgeous. Hope you can see it!

    1. Nope! I have been to the sea (the Adriatic in Venice, Italy) but never the Ocean!



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