04 July 2014

Ad Block Plus

        Today I have a review for you-- AdBlock Plus.  And get this; like most programs I review, its free!  So, what does adblock plus do?  It blocks ads (and we all utter a sarcastic no way!).  Yep!  It's name says it right-- but anyway, not just your average google ads, but also pop-ups that come on those random websites... those weird pop-ups that we've all ran into.
          I absolutely love this since I have been using a couple of websites lately that have really annoying ads, and also tons of pop-ups.  It's free, and you won't regret using it-- oh one other thing, I'm not sure if it works on internet servers other than google.  So that's all for today, and I hope this saved you from many more of those annoying ads!  Have a wonderful day!

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  1. So sweet of you to review programs for free :)
    I find pop-ups super annoying, I'm sure I'll be using this program! Thanks for sharing! :)

    MJ // www.littlepandacrafts.blogspot.com

    1. No problem-- its fun, and I want others to enjoy them ^.^ Let me know if there is a program you want to know about or anything else!



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