31 July 2014

DIY Wrigley's Gum Tin Makeover

   Today I want to show you how I re-made this...                                             Into This....
          First you must gather your supplies-- Paint, brushes, a mixing platter (if you are planning on mixing paints), something to cover your work area, a pocket or exacto knife, tape, a tin.


          First, pick out what paints you want to use.  I chose white and mint to contrast the bright red.

I took viridian hue and combined it with white to get the mint color I wanted.

*note* I used a small wooden chopstick (from an asian fast food store) to mix my paints-- try not to mix with your paintbrush.

Place a generous amount of paint onto your brush and splotch all over your desired area-- do not worry if it is a bit messy; we'll clean this up later.

It should look something like this...
          Next, take a couple of cottan swabs and wipe off the excessive paint surrounding your object-- don't go to close to the line.  We'll fix it more later ^.^


           Next, I put tape on the tin so I could keep a straight line (where the red ends were)

          Lastly I took a pocket knife and scraped any of the extra paint of plus all of the writing.
And there you have it!  I could have painted the rest of the red white, but I kinda liked the contrast it had ^.^ (you can use some type of metal cloth to smooth it down if yours turned out as scraped as mine)

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. That is so awesome!! :D Did you get math done? Lol! If so, great job! If not, don't worry about it. I haven't either. ;)

    1. I actually wrote this post a while ago and since I don't have my math with me right now, I just posted this so everyone had something to read ^.^


    2. Ahh! I need to get some back-up posts going too. That way, when I'm having bloggers block, I'll have something. You are smart!

    3. Yep! I have huge inspiration times and write posts half the day ^.^



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