11 July 2014

Fantastic Fridays // 1

          I decided to start a series called Fantastic Fridays where I list a couple of Fantastic things that I discovered in the week, or Fanstastic things that happened to me.

       I've never been into the Keep Calm things, but I couldn't resist this-- Keep calm and wear orange!  Totally great.  So to explain this.  I was finally able to see the first football game of this Fifa World Cup.  (see my post about Real Football Here).  The Oranje vs. La Albiceleste (Team Netherlands and Team Argentina's nick-names).  Even though the Dutch lost, they did a great job-- keeping it 0 - 0 the whole game through, even though that can be annoying for the viewers.  So!  It was Fantastic to be able to see a Football game even though the team I was rooting for lost.  Now, the Final game will be super intense.  Germany (who won 7-1 against Brazil) and Argentina, who has a very good goalie.
     What has been fantastic for you this week?  Have you been watching the world cup, and who would you root for in the finale game?  Have a wonderful Friday!

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