18 July 2014

Fantastic Fridays // 2

Hello all!  I'm in for another Fantastic Fridays post.  This time I have some things God has blessed me with.  First of all I thought being in highschool would be really awkward at church since most of the kids would be friends of my siblings, but everyone has been really welcoming to the 9th graders, and I tell you that is Fantastic!  
Also I was blessed to have some friends up for a really late birthday party.  Why is this Fantastic?  Because I live almost an hour away from most of my friends, and I hadn't seen them in a really long time.  Although we didn't get to do what we had planned outside since it rained, God gave us a Fantastic time together just hanging out and doing whatever ^.^
Another thing is work.  Although I'm not hired at an actual place at the moment, I have been able to work with my family on my farm, or on different houses.  A lot of people might wonder why work while my age is a blessing-- or Fantastic for that matter.  I can answer that!  Work is something needed in this society, and also wanted by many.  If we get to work at home and "train" for later, it will help us to succeed.  Although I often grumble when I have to work outside, I thank God that he gave me Fantastic parents who show me how to work, and the benefits that come from it!  Still-- it would be Fantastic to get a job, and that will come in time.
I am also very thankful for this weather here in Minnesota.  It never stays this cool and dry!  Seriously, no humidity and 60-70s weather with rain-- I feel like I'm in Europe!

This picture was taken at my farm with my Canon Powershot A2200
         Thanks for reading!  What are some things that were Fantastic for you this week?  Have a wonderful Friday ^.^

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