07 July 2014

Forth of July Vacation//Part One (July 3-4)

          As you may have read in this post I and my family traveled to our Cousin's home to visit for the Fourth of July//Independance Day.  Here now is the first of two sets of many pictures from my weekend there!

My sister Olivia and I walking around one of Wisconsin's war memorials

Me looking at a huge tank
Us being goofy and tired people (road trips are interesting that way...)
          Now, I didn't really have that many pictures of the ride there-- we arrived around 12:30 p.m. :P  Here, however are many more pictures-- most of them are of Colette my almost two year old cousin.   Here are links to other posts with pictures of her.  Just keep in mind that these were posted when I didn't have that great of a camera to use. ;)
Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 4
          Here are pictures of the Almost Two Year Old Colette! (among other things)


Elleanna trying to get her to smile XD

haha, she still has that grimace smile-- and her one dimple <3

She's such a talker!

          I then embarked to take some nature pictures...

Then Olivia and I took Colette for a walk around their farm

putting on her "shoosies"

The duck, and B.O.B. (big old boy, the evil rooster)

pointing at the chickens and duck

petting "sheepies"
Over exposed picture... still adorable!


Look at 'er go!

I had Olivia take pictures of her with me

Telling us it was "disty"-- Dirty.

Imitating pigs XD
"I wanna see the pictures!"

She loves talking on the "phone" and has been doing it since she was almost a year!

Apperantly the basket was a hat...

The end! Look forward to more pictures in the next day or so!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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