09 July 2014

Fourth of July Vacation//Part Two (July 4-6)

I told you in my first post about my vacation for the fourth of July.  Here now is the second batch of pictures.  Enjoy!

Cool Girl.
Cool Girl Carries footballs.

Sista and I

Explanation of those two pictures-- My cousins lived in Montana for a time, and we visited them in 2003.  Of course we had an age picture.  Ambrose (the one on the way left) was grumpy becuase he was taller and thought we were doing it according to height.  Or something like that.  So he imitated his face from the last picture for the one we just took.

Here is according to height.

Before we left on the 6th, we went to the beach (Lake Michigan).  Here are some pictures from that adventure.

Then end!  Hope you enjoyed these pictures!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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  1. Your pictures are lovely!!!

  2. I. love. Lake. MICHIGAN!!!!!! :D Isn't it like the best place in the world?! I'm going to go the for my birthday next month. I can't wait! :D

    1. Yes-- Lake michigan is amazing. It's best in August though, when it has had the whole summer to warm up, and the moon is so close the waves are huge! That's a great place to spend your birthday ^.^



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