05 July 2014

Happy Fourth of July 2014!

**Note: This post was written Yesterday, but by the time the fireworks were done, I was too tired to finish it and post the pictures.**

           Hello everyone!  Today is the Fourth of July-- no really?  Okay, that is in fact the date, but it is (here in America) Independance Day!  However most of us say "Happy Fourth of July!"....... or at least us in the Midwest do!  Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures from our celebration of Independance from Britain.  First however I'm going to mention the places I've celebrated the Fourth.
         When I lived close to Downtown Minneapolis I watched that fireworks show from my deck with my family.  They were always really fun nights when we stayed up late making up names for the different types of fireworks (some were screaming kitchen maids, and others where willow trees, etc ^.^).  One time our family went to Fort Snelling which was quite an experience (a fort from the Civil War).  Other than that, we have travelled to our cousins house (where we are this year) by lake Michigan.

          The Pictures shown here were taken at the Fireworks show in Two Rivers, Wisconsin by me with my sister's Canon Rebel t3i.

The Flag Fountain which started the finale

          Hope you enjoyed the pictures-- Fireworks are hard to get good pictures of, and actually I filled my card up at one point :P

          Here's a sneak peek at a later post (which will cover other pics I took during my stay here//my baby cousin Colette!)  I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July!  What did you do?  If you don't live in the U.S. is there a Holiday Unique to your Country?  What is your favorite part about it?  Have a wonderful weekend!

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