02 July 2014

You Know You Are ~ A Contractor's Daughter

         I thought I would start a new series, called You Know You Are-- Fill In The Blank
Then you list at least 7-10 things that are an example of how people can tell You Are-- Blank.  For this first one I decided to do Contractor's Daughter since my dad is a general contractor I and my siblings help him on the job when we aren't in school.  So here we go!

You know you are a contractor's daughter when...
          1.  In the summer you always get paint all over yourself.
          2.  You know how to re-do a floor.
          3.  You've gotten a tan line on your wrist from wearing gloves
          4.  You have experienced the #4 worst job-- roofing
          5.  It takes a lot for you to get grossed out (a.k.a. you're not afraid of dirt and more)
          6.  You've helped dig ditches for water pipes.
          7.  You've demolished half of your own house and also helped re-build it.

          So that is the first of those!  More will be coming-- Tell me what you think, and if you decide to do your own You Know You Are ~ Series just put a link to my blog in each post you do.  Thanks, and have a great Fourth of July weekend!  Also Click Here for more You Know You Are ~ Posts.

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  1. Oh this is a really good idea! I love it!
    Brooke Jordan // Pineapples & Daisies

    1. Thank you Brooke! I looked at your blog, and it is great! I'm planning on checking it often ^.^



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