20 July 2014

You Know You Are ~ European

Todays You Know You Are post is quite unique.  I have never been to Europe.  However, I am 1/4 Dutch , and I also have a lot of German in my from my mom's parents and my Dad's mom.  With that (and the fact that my Dad's side of the family lived in Holland for a number of years) my family has much of a European influence... most of it being from the Netherlands.

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So You Know You Are ~ European 
  1. You don't like American Football, and you enjoy Football-Soccer more.
  2. Tea, crackers, cheese and such are acceptable for a meal.
  3. Your Sense of Humour is much different than those around you
  4. You have a different way of relaxation-- i.e. doing things with people instead of always sitting in front of the tv
  5. I don't laugh at things that aren't funny, and just because I don't smile when I study, doesn't mean I'm mad or that I'm judging you.  (there is a story to that rant there...)
  6. You are very Opinionated and don't always go with the crowd.
  7. You enjoy Brie Cheese (it doesn't stink that bad...)
  8. Yes, dark roast coffee is good, and tea isn't at all that bad without sugar.
  9. Vegetables are good
  10. Herb is pronounced with the H-- never like erbs.
  11. Been is prounounced as it is spelled.  Not like Ben ;)
I hope you enjoyed this!  I know some of you live in Europe; what are some things that I forgot? Click Here for my other You Know You Are ~ Posts.   Enjoy your day!

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    1. Hoorah! Brie (or dutch cheese) + french bread (or crackers) = Yum! Right? ^.^



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