16 July 2014

You Know You Are ~ Homeschooled

          Yes-- the shocking news is out.  I am homeschooled!  However I am not a steriotypical homeschooler-- at least I don't consider myself one, and I never wear jean skirts.  So, I will just give you a couple of things that make You Know You Are ~ Homeschooled.

          1.  People think you are playing hookie when you go shopping during the school year.
          2.  People treat you differently once they hear you are homeschooled
          3.  People ask you if you wear P.J.s all day (I don't like to unless I'm sick)
          4.  People ask if you have any friends
          5.  People say "but you're actually nice, and not awkward!"
          6.  You can get credits for pretty much everything you do
          7.  You can make your own schedule
          8.  You end up doing something "school like" during the summer
          9.  You read a lot
          10.  You think of a co-op as a place where you do school with friends, not a place to buy food.
          11.  Your house is full of all sorts of books for all sorts of ages.
          12.  You get done with your school year way before everyone else ^.^

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  1. I love this post! I was home schooled for about half a year. :)


    1. Thanks Amy-- That's great! Did you like homeschooling?


  2. Yah! Score, another homeschooler! :D Isn't homeschooling great? :) I especially love being able to focus more on your interests. Like, for me, writing. *big grin* Are you finishing up your first year of high school like me? :)

    Julia Ryan


    1. Yes, Homeschooling is great ^.^ I'll actually be in my first year of High school this coming year, even though I've technically been doing a couple high school classes the past two years.



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