06 July 2014

You Know You Are ~ A Minnesotan When...

          For my second You Know You Are post, I decided to do --A Minnesotan.  There are a few things that define Minnesotans, and they could define other people/places as well, however being a Minnesotan they describe me and my life pretty well!  Enjoy ;)

You Know You Are A Minnesotan When...

          1.  You are used to weather variations from -50 to 100+ throughout the year
          2.  You are used to seeing lakes wherever you go
          3.  Everyone around you has brown/blonde hair
          4.  You have experienced Rain Forest Humidity without going anywhere
          5.  You can drive north for miles without getting anywhere
          6.  You are shocked by soft sand within the state
          7.  Big sweaters with labels on them are cool
          8.  There are two seasons-- road work and snow
          9.  You live in the place that everyone makes fun of
          10.  Ice and Snow doesn't faze you when driving

         Hope you enjoyed my second You Know You Are-- Post!  Let me know what you think, and if you live in Minnesota tell me if I forgot something!  Also, if you would like to do your own You Know You Are-- Post, please put a link to my blog in each one.  Click Here for more You Know You Are ~ Posts.  Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

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