29 August 2014

Fantastic Fridays // 6

          I have so much for this week's Fantastic Fridays.  First is that I was able to go to the fair with my family and also with a friend whom I hadn't seen in ages.  Also we got a log splitter!  This is Fantastic because we mainly heat our house with two wood stoves and splitting logs by hand can give you super back pain.
          Also I was able to get registered for my church's Christmas craft boutique in November.  It only holds 100 tables and this year they decided to look over everything that you are selling before letting you enter.  In other words it is even harder to get into now.
         Lastly but certainly not least I was able to go to my cousins' house for this whole week for a vacation before school starts... this Tuesday.
        A most Fantastic week to finish my summer vacation with!

So!  What has been Fantastic about your week?

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28 August 2014

Pictures of the Week // 7 *Minnesota State Fair*

          I'm not sure about you, but sometimes an unfocused pictures looks better than the focused one.  And in this case at the Great Minnesota Get Together I love this top version of my siblings better than its focused counterpart.  Anyway.  For this weeks pictures I have my photos from my Friday at the State Fair. *most pictures were taken by me but on my sister's t3i.

 Why do I like "feet" pictures.  I don't know maybe because no one really looks at shoes and yet strangely enough they seem to show something about people.

Me and my sistah!

In the Miracle of Birth Barn

Don't know why, but I wanted a picture of a cows eye.  No ryhme intended.

The Midway!

And that's it for today!  Do you go to your state fair (or any type of fair)?  Let me know what your favorite part of your fair is!

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21 August 2014

Liebster Award # 3

          Hello All! June over at A Curious Pisces nominated me once again for the Liebstar Award.  Thank you June!

The Rules to this post:
  • Post Eleven facts about yourself
  • Answer the Eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you 
  • Create an eleven- question set for the next group of nominees
  • Choose Eleven people to nominate and link them in the post
  • Let your nominees know they've been tagged- and no tag-backs!

 ~I'll just jump right in with the facts about myself!~

  1. I love drinking water.  I don't know what it is, but it's definitely my favorite beverage apart from tea or coffe ^.^
  2. I hate turkey lunch meat.  Eewww.
  3. I love spices.  They are so yummy!
  4. I make my own homemade popcorn
  5. I've made crab apple jelly (click the link to see my recipe)
  6. I have had two years of Latin, a couple months of online Italian, and I'm going to take French 1 this coming school year.
  7. I go into craft stores and end up not buying anything because I always tell myself I can make it myself ^.^
  8. I'm a super pennypincher
  9. I love salads and vegetables and fruits
  10. I have more than 20 cousins
  11. I bought my own Canon Rebel T3i
~June's Questions~

1: Favorite Quote?
Hmmm.  I have a lot of favorite quotes.  Most come from movies and are memorable moments but other than that I love the one, "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is the future, and Today is a gift, and that is why we call it the Present." ~Anonymous

2: Worst song?

There are quite a few.  For now I will just say either Call me Maybe or some random country song.

3: Favorite Month?

I'd say April or May

4: Would you wear black(shirt, pants, socks etc.) for a whole year or white? 

Black-- white gets messy to easily XD (not that I would want to be goth... but ya know)

5: Pinterest or YouTube?

I don't have Pinterest... so YouTube!

6: What is your lucky number?

I don't really have one, but God seems to use the number 7 as his special number, so I'd say 7 ^.^

7: Your sister/brother deletes your posts for next week! You...

Ummm.  I don't know XD My siblings are all older than me, but if they did I would have to re-write them... no use getting mad XD

8: Do you have your own phone?


9: Have you seen a cat on a leash?  

ummm I think so?  I used to live in the city so there were a lot of strang things there.  No doubt a cat on a leash was one of them!

10: Pizza or Tacos? 


11: Do you have a bucket list? 

Kinda in my head.  Not really on paper yet ^.^

~My Questions~

  1. Favorite genre of music?
  2. Favorite food?
  3. Mugs or tea cups?
  4. Left brained or right braned?
  5. If you had a choice to live in the city in a small condo, or go to a farm in the country (which ahem would involve work) which would you choose?
  6. Peanut Butter or Jelly?
  7. Roller coasters or high swing rides?
  8. Spices or Herbs?
  9. Photography or Drawing?
  10. If you were going to have a random party, what would the theme be?
  11. If you were stuck on an island and there was a box, what would be in the box (Agents of SHIELD anyone?)
If you want to be nominated just send me a message using the contact forum below!
Yeah I know I had a lot of this or that questions... if you would like to use the question set I had for my other Liebstar Award posts check them out here and here

Have a wonderful day!

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20 August 2014

You Know You Are ~ A Writer

          Yeah.  I'm not what most people think of as a writer.  I write blog posts and occasionaly get to writing some of a story I've been writing for a while... but mostly it's that I don't mind writing even a research paper.  I love creative writing- don't get me wrong.  I just am never able to get a full plot formed in my head- or at least enough to satisfy my brain.  Anyway- here are some things that make you Know You Are ~ A Writer

  1. You like to read and spend lots of your free time doing the said activity of writing
  2. Some people think you are weird for liking to read or write
  3. You write for fun, not just school
  4. You always think "Oh that's a good idea for a story" even if it never gets written down
  5. You take hours to write something and then decide it doesn't fit right
  6. Your favorite names are from literary works and also end up being a character in your story
  7. You've re-written one paragraph more than five times
  8. You criticize your own work more than anyone else.
  9. You automatically correct other people's grammer in your head while they talk (it's really bad here in Minnesota)
Click here to see my other You Know You Are ~ Posts
What things make you a writer?
Have a wonderful day!
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18 August 2014

Movie: The Edge of Tomorrow

          I have a review for you today on the latest Tom Cruise movie- The Edge of Tomorrow.  I had seen the trailer in theatres when watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, as well as X-Men: Days of Future Past.  I was (unlike after most trailers) interested in seeing this movie.  One reason being the appearance of Emily Blunt (which I have seen in such differing roles in The Devil Wears Prada, The Young Victoria, as well as an episode of Foyle's War!)  Anywho, I'll just get on with the review now ^.^

          When the movie first began it was a bit confusing.  However it was supposed to be-- so mission achieved!  Still, it took around 1/4 of the movie to actually get the plot going enough where I understood where they were going.  Besides that, the plot was very intruiguing and I was interested throughout to see what was going to happen next... because that's what they want when they make movies ;)
         For those of you who do not know anything about this movie I can say this: it is a PG-13 Action/Sci-Fi movie which tells the story of Lt. Col. Bill Cage who when addressing a superior officer about an upcoming battle finds himself arrested and to add to that, wakes up in a battle camp preparing for the aformentioned battle.  However there is a twist... Spoilers! 
                                                               (highlight space to see text)
          Every time Bill dies, he finds himself waking up again to the same point where he first found himself inside the camp.  This repetition got annoying at first, but once the movie went on, they began to shorten the repetition, and also Cage began to change his reactions to the circumstances.
          Overall it was a great action movie, even if at some times all I could get out of it were blinking lights and lots of noise ;)  If that's what you like (along with some interesting mystery) you would probably love this movie.  Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them!

Have you seen Edge of Tomorrow?  What did you think of it?

Have a wonderful week!d
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14 August 2014

Fantastic Fridays // 5

This week has just a couple greatly Fantastic things.  The first and foremost of these is that we were able to get a Ford Explorer to replace our almost 20 year old minnie van (which just hit 300,000 miles!)  Our parents went to look at some Explorers after church last Sunday while we hung out with some friends.  They came to pick us up, and my Mom wasn't in the car.  Dad said she was at the antique car show around the corner and we were all like "uh-huh sure." She never goes to car shows alone ^.^  Then Mom drove up, and we were all like "yeah!  We knew it!"  God blessed us so much with (first) having a van which ran (and still runs) for an unrealistic time, and now with a new vehicle.

Secondly fantastic thing of the week is getting ready for my sister's open house tomorrow!  We had so much yardwork to do on these acres, and now because of the fantastic weather we've been having, most of it is done!  Also, Thursday night I was able to hang out with my sister, eat popcorn, drink chocolate milk, and watch a movie ^.^
What are some Fantastic things that have happened to you this week?

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09 August 2014

Canon Rebel EOS t3i DSLR Camera Review

          Drum Roll Everyone!  I finally got my own Canon DSLR!  I seriously am so exstatic over this-- I know lots of people who don't like Canon and Nikon because they are so popular, but the t3i had everything that I wanted-- and all that will be explained in this post ^.^

Camera Outfit
                    Camera Outfit Collage Created on Polyvore.com
           This is where I got it ;) 

So!  The Canon EOS Rebel t3i was the best choice for me for these reasons:

  • Rotating LCD Screen 
  • Low price
  • It is a DSLR
  • It is a Canon
  • HD Video
  • Works with most EF, and certain EF-S Lenses
  • Lighweight but heavy duty
          Now to explain all of this.  I really really wanted a rotating LCD screen because, to put it bluntly, it comes in very handy.  If you need to take a group picture facing you, you can flip the screen and see what you are doing.  And trust me.  This can happen more than you think!
          Low price.  Some people might not think that $600 is a low price, but for a high quality (well not super high ... I guess upper middle, to lower high quality?).  What I'm trying to say is that you definitly get the quality for your money, and if you buy it online in a bundle like I did, you can get even more "bang for your buck" so to speak.
          It is a DSLR.  "Whatin the world does that mean?" I though as well when I first heard it ^.^ It stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex.  And again "What in the world does that mean?"  This Article talks about the differences for the most part between DSLRs and Point and shoots.  I prefer to tell people that DSLR means it has interchangeable lenses, which although technically that isn't fully the meaning, it pretty much sums up what it means to me ;)
          It is a Canon.  Although most people like to stay away from the Nikon and Canon business because they have almost completely taken over the mainstream camera market, I have chosen to stay with them.  Why?  Because I know how they work, and also they happen to have everything I want in a Camera.  If, however you are looking into a great camera that doesn't need a rotating LCD screen, and also isn't a big name brand, you should totally check out Pentax.
          Hd video?  Pretty self explanitory and actually was just something that I wasn't worried about but I'm glad I have it anyway ^.^
          The whole lens thing still isn't totally clear to me.  I'm a self taught photographer and haven't had any classes at all, so just to know that I could have a lot of different lenses sounded great to me!  And it is ;) 
          Lightweight?  Heavy Duty as well?  Sounds great right?  It is.  Most Canon and Nikons are great because of their hight quality and heavy dutyness.  I like the t3i because it still has these pros, but it is lightweight all the while.  That way my arm doesn't fall asleep, and my neck doesn't get sore from holding the camera ^.^
          I will probably be posting little Camera tutorials every once in a while if I get around to it ^.^  They could be about ISO, or Focusing, or the different types of lenses I find and use.  Remember, I'm just a beginner and I'm learning all of this stuff by myself.  If you have any tips or tricks that you use for taking pictures let me know!  If you are also a photographer what kind of a camera do you have, and what is your take on the Canon EOS Rebel t3i?

Have a beautiful evening!

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08 August 2014

Fantastic Fridays // 4

This Week's Fantastic Fridays is about my Fantastic sleepover.  I go to hang out with some of my best people-- here's a pic of us.

Displaying photo 4.JPG
(from left to right- Me, Emma, Laura, Andrea)

           I had so much hanging out and doing random things and being goofy and all-- it was just Fantastic ;)  I'm so glad that God has blessed me with such great friends.  Other than that I have been finishing up watching Foyle's War with my sister- The link goes to my review.  Anyway! That is super Fantastic because now it is starting to become the cold war and that is super duper interesting.  Oh- and one more thing.  They are coming out with a 9th season next year!  Something not too Fantastic is that I got a cold, but by today, it's just about gone.  That is Fantastic!  

So tell me!  What has been Fantastic about your past week?
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07 August 2014

Here's to Summer: Photo Callenge (3)

This Week's Photo Challenge is a Summer Outfit.  Here is one of my favorite ones ^.^

Top-Levi Riders//Tank top- So//Shorts- Old Navy capris made to shorts//Shoes-Victor

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03 August 2014

Pictures of the Week // 6

This Week's Pictures of the Week holds pictures from my Monday-Tuesday camping trip. (Hear more about it in my last Fantastic Fridays // 3)

Small panoramic photo of the campground.

The line for Hobo-Dinner

Pouring juice from the canned food for dinner ^.^

My Hobo Dinner ^.^

Then, using slow shutter of around 10" I believe, we drew pictures with the flashlight...

Creepy Smile....
Clover? Flower? Butterfly?
A heart gone wrong

And then they died... XD

And another of the reflection pictures ^.^

  Hope you enjoyed, and have a wonderful week!
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