01 August 2014

Fantastic Fridays // 3

This post is pretty much just a beforehand talk about my Pictures of the Week post.  I had an amazing Monday-Tuesday camping with a group of high school girls from my church.  We went lazy river tubing, tested our boy scout skills by reviving the previous tubers' fire on the island, swung on a rope swing, swam in a pool, had great worship time and discussions, talked about what countries we wanted to travel/live/or be missionaries in and much much more!  I was so blessed by this experience and also glad that I was able to get to know all of those great girls more.
Also I was able to hang out Wednesday night with some of my besties.  That was absolute fun (Some pictures are here...)

I told them to text and take selfies XD

Yeah not best definition-- we were sitting on a really uncomfortable hammock thingy and I only have a short lens right now.  Enjoy your weekend!

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